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High Tech Features



  • A physical activity belt that delivers your heart rate based on effort tracking technology
  • It tracks your workout effort with 99.4% EKG accuracy.
  • The MyZone MZ3 offers on-the-go data tracking with smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with other fitness apps.
  • Each of our studios provides live streaming/effort tracking directly on our oversized monitors, providing fitness motivation and competition during classes or training sessions.
  • Upload your data to the cloud wherever you are via smartphone allowing you to access your data anytime outside of our studios.
  • Learn more about your MyZone MZ3 at

Fit 3D Proscanner

  • The Fit 3D Proscanner is a 40-second scan that results in a full 360° avatar and precise body measurements.
  • The tower integrated depth camera uses safe, non-invasive, infrared light.

Seca BCA

  • The Seca scanner is a medical Body Composition Analyzer. It breaks body weight down into categories which makes tracking progress and making necessary changes easier. It measures:
    1. Fat Mass.
    2. Fat-Free Mass.
    3. Body Water (made up of intra and extracellular water).
    4. Skeletal Muscle Mass.
    5. Body Composition Chart.
    6. Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis (Which gives information on hydration status, nutritional status, and level of fitness.)
    7. Visceral fat values.