Flexibility Studio

flexibility |,fleksə 'bilədē|
The quality of bending easily without breaking: players gained improved flexibility in their ankles.

Description: Our Flexibility Studio features Mind Body programs. Through kinesthetic and spiritual awareness, members can reduce stress levels and become more present in their practice, while also increasing strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, and overall balance and coordination. With an emphasis on breathing throughout movements, the Flexibility studio can provide a form of relaxation therapy which can provide positive lifestyles habits.

Classes: Yoga, Mat Pilates, Barre, Foam Rolling, Mat Pilates & Foam Rolling, and Qi Gong

  • Features:
    •    Independently -controlled air conditioning and temperature control
    •    State-of-the-art surround sound system
    •    Haiku Fans
    •    Manduka Pro Mats